For a technologically sustainable and regenerative world.

We are a biotechnology startup committed to combining technology, innovation, and respect for the environment. We are dedicated to the development of products and technologies, harnessing the potential of seaweed as an alternative to replace polluting materials. It is our duty to responsibly leverage these resources.


We believe it is possible to transform the textile industry by replacing conventional materials with sustainable solutions. We will drive the transition towards a more regenerative future using seaweed. Nature provides us with valuable solutions, and it is our duty to responsibly harness these resources.

Nature will revolutionize the future of new materials in fashion.


3.5 billion years ago, life emerged on planet Earth, with the first primitive organisms appearing in water, such as bacteria, microorganisms, and SEAWEEDS.

The seaweeds are organisms that have the highest growth rate on the planet; they do not require arable land, pesticides, or insecticides, and they absorb more greenhouse gases than terrestrial forests.

Seaweed forests are important ecosystems along the Pacific coastline and serve as habitats for various species, while also providing resources for the communities living in these regions.

These living and collective organisms have the potential to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Social Impact

In countries where seaweed cultivation has been encouraged, the well-being of the community has dramatically improved in terms of transportation, education, and particularly the socio-economic status of women.

Seaweed cultivation is a promising alternative for job creation in caiçara communities, considering the decline in fish availability due to global warming.

Imagine promoting seaweed cultivation as a substitute for cotton?

Regenerative Fashion

From the perspective of materials engineering, harnessing all widely available biomass, such as seaweed, and emulating nature’s efficiency and waste elimination capabilities is the most promising path to achieve high-performance technical solutions for the global challenges we are facing.

Issues in Fashion

The textile industry is one of the most polluting sectors in the world, with the entire value chain posing a threat to biodiversity.

Fashion is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, 24% of pesticides and insecticides, and 35% of ocean microplastics are a result of our clothing washing.



As a solution for a cleaner and technologically sustainable fashion, we are developing natural-based textile fibers derived from macroalgae. These fibers operate within a commercially viable, scalable, and circular product lifecycle, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We aim to integrate our operations within a closed-loop system, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. We have a strong commitment to ESG values.


A team passionate about the blue economy revolution is committed to exploring the potential of macroalgae to drive this new era of textile materials.

Thamires Pontes

Founder, CEO.

Master's degree in Textiles and Fashion. Enthusiast of seaweed and biotechnology.

José Carlos Dutra


PhD in Polymer Science and Technology.


Helio Wiebeck


Chemical Engineering.

Marco de Biasi





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